What Tattoo Colors Make for the Easiest Tattoo Removal?

Even with the top-of-the-line Astanza Trinity system available at New Look Aesthetics, there are still some colors that pose more of a challenge than others.

Black ink is the easiest to remove. Luckily, most tattoos that we see in office are black and remove very easily, with flawless results. Second in line, red ink. Red ink is also fairly easy to remove with our laser technology, providing there is no allergic reaction present in the tattooed area. Red inks do occasionally spark allergic reactions in the skin – as a patient you would recognize this. These allergic reactions can be mildly uncomfortable and will definitely hinder the removal process. In case you are wondering, the reactions are caused by the unique chemical properties found in some red tattoo ink. The body naturally rejects the chemical composition of the ink which leads to slightly tougher removal, but this is only the Houston Tattoo Removalcase for a fraction of the red ink tattoos that exist.

Next, come the mildly tough colors such as blues greens and purples. New Look Aesthetics is better equipped than any other laser tattoo removal facility in Houston to handle blue, green, and purple inks. This group of colors is notorious for being harder to remove in the tattoo removal industry due to the vibrancy of the colors. However, they are literally no match for our high powered Nd:YAG and ruby lasers of the Trinity. Blue and green tattoos come off with no problem for us. As a rule of thumb, patients can expect one or two more treatments than we would predict for an all-black tattoo when removing blue tattoos or green tattoos.

Lastly, we have the yellows and whites and beiges. Unfortunately, in most cases, these colors are difficult to remove due to the fact that they are so close to natural skin tone. Even the best lasers have a tough time picking up the ink because of the colors they are able to target on the color spectrum. The good news is that once we remove the surrounding colors and fade down the yellow as much as possible, the color that is left, if any, blends in very well with skin tone and is virtually unnoticeable.

Color is a major factor in the removal of your tattoo, but there are also several other factors that will determine just how long it will take to remove your tattoo. A quick consultation with one of our laser specialists will give you all the information you need to get started on the tattoo removal process. New Look Aesthetics is capable – more capable than others in Houston – in removing your unwanted tattoo.

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