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Houston Exilis Treatment

This is the first of many write-ups by the New Look Aesthetics team themselves! Here, the laser and aesthetic specialists at New Look will offer their opinions and experiences from the week past and inform you of the interworkings of all the procedures offered at Houston’s premier medical and laser spa.

Exilis Facial Skin Tightening

This week I had the pleasure of performing a few Exilis treatments. Exilis is a non-invasive technology that uses heat frequency to tighten skin and reduce fat in troublesome areas.

I think no matter how hard we work out or how strict our diets may be, there’s always certain areas of the body or face on which we see no major improvements.

However, even though I work with this technology on a daily basis, it still amazes me. To see how effective it is truly empowering and allows me to share in a great experience with each client.

I always start my Exilis treatment sessions by asking the client which areas of their body they would like to improve. It’s very common for most people to name a few different areas – neck, arms, and thighs – but the great part is that Exilis can be done on just about every part of your body, so their wish is my command!

I personally love the Exilis treatment because you instantly see results. One of my clients this week chose to have skin tightening done on her entire face. This was exciting for me as I knew she would be pleased with her results right away.

During the facial treatment, I usually treat just half of the entire face first, then let my client look into a mirror so that he/she can compare the immediate results between sides.

In this particular treatment, the side of my client’s face that had been treated was noticeably firmer and more toned. For me, the look of satisfaction and the huge smile I get from my client makes the entire session worth it.

Every specialist at New Look will suggest our clients come in for 4 Exilis treatments with at least 10 days in between each to maximize results. As long as the client follows that regimen, they will see beautiful changes and be satisfied!

-Valerie E.


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