Look Your Best This Holiday Season

December is in full swing, diets are out. New Look Aesthetics offers many treatments that can help curb the effects of holiday eating and busy schedules.

Body slimming and skin tightening are the two most popular procedures during this time of year because work schedules are hectic, holiday shopping has all the interstates jammed (wait – nevermind – that’s just Houston), and meals are plentiful and covered in gravy.

The body contouring procedure at Houston’s New Look Aesthetics is a non-surgical solution to stubborn body fat or loose and sagging skin. Body slimming can be done on the stomach, thighs, upper arms, hips, or buttocks. With just a few treatments – 30 minutes or less – you can be on your way to a slimmer figure, less droopy skin, and a tightened appearance.

Similar to the body fat reduction procedure, New Look Aesthetics offers Exilis skin tightening which can make you look firmer, younger, and more vibrant in a mere 20 minutes. Skin tightening can be done around the eyes, mouth or on the chin, forehead, neck, or docolletage/upper chest. Skin tightening at New Look is Houston’s premier non-invasive procedure for quality results and younger looking features.

Free consultations are available with all procedures at New Look Aesthetics. Start treatments today and you could be ready to start 2015 off as a slimmer you! Call today – (713) 783-2000.


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