Remove Nail Fungus in Houston

Be fungus free by summer!

Are you suffering from toe or fingernail fungus, and fighting with over-the-counter topical creams that don’t seem to being do the trick? Well, there is good news. Now is the perfect time to come into New Look Aesthetics for the proven effect laser nail fungus treatment. Schedule your appointment now and you can be fungus free by summer!

At Houston’s New Look Aesthetics, we use the powerful Astanza Revolution laser to instantly kill fungus in and around the problem area. Get rid of that fungus now and allow your body to grow out healthy clear nails so you can be clear of the ugly side effects and confident to show off your feet.

Treatments take around thirty minutes to treat all ten toes, less time for fewer toes. Patients will feel slight heat as the laser passes over their toes and breaks up the fungal colonies, but this heat is very tolerable most patients describe it as a warm pressure feeling. There is no downtime required from treatment and patients experience no side effects. You’ll be back at work or enjoying the New Year the same day – we are even open during your lunch break!

After the treatment most patients have clear nails in 4 to 6 months depending on nail growth cycles, making now the perfect time to get you summer-ready!

This holiday season make the resolution to finally do something effective about your fungus. Finally feel comfortable in flip-flops this summer and enjoy the sun shining on your sandals once again.

Call today and set up your free consultation (713) 783-2000.


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