Tattoo Regret in Houston

Houston Tattoo RemovalPlenty of people get tattoos for various reasons like artistic expressions, cultural statements, or plain rebellion. As mainstream as they have become, more and more middle-aged people are living in regret with their 15-20+ year old tattoos.

Thanks to recent advancements in skin care technology, the ability to blast away ink has become as simple as making an appointment.

Why do people regret tattoos? Well, for various reasons.

Young woman become mothers and don’t want their children to ask questions about why mommy “colored on herself”, people change experiences and work in environments where visible tattoos are unacceptable, and mostly people simply outgrow what they thought was cool in decades past.

Recent surveys show that 1 out of 5 Americans have at least one tattoo. And while 86% of those Americans are typically pleased with their tattoos, they’ve admitted that they would probably feel remorseful about them later – seeking removal. Currently, the number of people undergoing tattoo removal procedures has jumped 43% from 2011-2012 numbers.

In 2013, the number of tattoo removal procedures in the U.S. reached 45,224 compared to 40,801 procedures in 2011. It is estimated to be well over 50,000 treatments per year as tattoo removal continues to gain popularity.

So, don’t think you’re the only one living with tattoo regret, it’s extremely common. Let’s just thank current technology and clinic that offer services to reverse these ink mistakes.

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