Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

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Understanding Nail Fungus

Toenail Fungus Houston

Nail fungus is a common condition plaguing millions of Americans. An estimated 14%+ of the adult population has a fungal nail infection and suffers with the unpleasant side effects.

Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a fungal infection that lives amongst the nail plate, nail bed, and nail matrix – it is most common for toenails, but sometimes may affect fingernails.

The side effects associated with nail fungus change the appearance of the nail and hinder the durability and protection provided by the nail.

The most common symptoms of a toenail fungus infection include:

Toenail Treatment Houston

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  • yellowed or discolored nails
  • thickened nails
  • brittle or flaky nails
  • receding nails
  • minor pain

Toenail fungus is most often contracted from moist, dark, and warm environments. Hot spots for fungus contraction include locker rooms, hotel floors, pools, and worn, damp tennis shoes. Fungus thrives in places with such a climate, and Houston is a prime location of warmth and humidity.

People suffering from toenail fungus often try to hide their issue by wearing closed-toe shoes. Closing the fungus into a warm, moist, and dark environment further perpetuates the problem, encouraging fungal growth.

Our Laser Offers a Solution

toenail treatment webYou can now walk barefoot, wear sandals, and show off a pedicure without worry! 

Laser toenail fungus treatment at Clear Toes Clinic at New Look Aesthetics is a quick and painless procedure that lasts less than 15 minutes and has a 90% success rate.

Toenail fungus has historically been a difficult condition to treat. Because toenail fungus lives beneath the nail and deep in the nail bed, topical anti-fungal creams and sprays are ineffective simply because they cannot reach the problem. The alternative option, oral anti-fungal medications, have been known to cause liver damage.

However, recent advancements in laser technology have given us the ability to effectively solve the nail fungus problem.

There are no side effects from the laser treatment, and it is proven to kill fungus of mild to moderate cases in just one treatment.

New Look Aesthetics features the cutting edge of nail fungus treatment technology. As the most safe and effective solution for ridding nails of toenail fungus, laser treatment provides patients with a solution to a stubborn cosmetic issue.

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