Medical Treatment Aftercare

Aftercare by New Look Aesthetics

New Look Aesthetic’s state-of-the-art technology will allow for the safest treatments available. The expert technicians and practitioners at New Look will provide the greatest levels of patient care to ensure a comfortable and successful treatment. There are still a few things that can be done post-treatment to yield the best results with minimal side effects.

The appropriate aftercare will be reviewed further by your practitioner at New Look Aesthetics. You will receive a printed copy of the post-treatment guidelines appropriate for you procedure along with any special instructions should you have sensitive skin or a rare treatment location.

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Aftercare for the laser tattoo removal procedure is important to prevent unwanted side effects such as texture change of the skin or infection of the treatment area. Though laser tattoo removal is a simple, non-invasive procedure, taking care of the treatment area after each treatment session can help you achieve the quickest, most desirable results.

It is common for patients to have slight bruising or swelling of the treatment area as well as an immediate whitening of the skin. This is a result of the lasers energy entering the skin to eliminate the tattoo ink. After treatment, blisters and scabs may occur for up to 3 days following treatment. This is all a part of the normal healing process and should be left uninterrupted. Picking scabs or popping blisters can lead to scarring.

  • Keep the treatment area clean and covered after a tattoo removal treatment. Gentle washing with soap and water is appropriate. Once washed, dry the treated area and apply healing ointment (i.e. triple antibiotic, Aquaphor) and cover with a sterile, non-stick bandage. Keep this routine for 3 days post-treatment to prevent infection and encourage proper healing.
  • Should a blister or scab arise during your healing process, keep them covered and leave them alone. Both blisters and scabs are signs that the shattered ink particles beneath your skin are being flushed away by the immune system. Keep the treatment area covered for 3 days after treatment, and, should a blister pop, an additional 24 hours. Do pick or allow scabs to come off as that will increase the necessary healing time and could result in infection of the treatment area.
  • To suppress any pain or swelling that may exist after treatment, apply a cold compress or ice pack as necessary for up to 24 hours. Over the counter acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol) may be taken as well. Do not take asprin based pain killers as it can cause excess scabbing or bruising.
  • Avoid pools, hot tubs, or swimming in general because soaking the treated area can increase risk of infection and hinder proper healing.
  • Normal activity can resume immediately after treatment, but be sure to keep the area bandaged and consider the designated aftercare instructions.
  • Wear SPF 25 or greater sunscreen when exposing the area to sun for up to 3 months following treatment. Do not use any other topical applications (i.e. makeup, lotion, medication) for up to 2 days after treatment.
  • Moisturizing the area is perfectly acceptable as the laser may dehydrate the area. Vitamin E oil, hydrocortisone, or Aquaphor are great options for moisturizing and healing.
  • If there are any complications after treatment that are of concern or question, contact New Look. If anything life-threatening occurs, seek medical attention.

Laser Nail Therapy Aftercare

The laser nail treatment to remove unwanted fungus is highly successful in itself. There is an over 90% success rate with killing fungus and producing clear nail growth, but it is not entirely up to the practitioners of New Look to get rid of your fungus.

New Look will kill the existing fungus that lives in your nails, but it is your responsibility to keep the fungus from returning. The following post-treatment guidelines can help you eliminate fungus forever.

  • There should be no pain or discomfort associated with laser nail therapy. Normal activities can resume immediately. Any mild redness around the treated nails is normal for up to 48 hours.
  • Thoroughly wash feet and toes every day. Dry them completely after washing, especially crevices.
  • Bleach used socks or buy entirely new socks as treated toes can become reinfected if exposed to a contaminated sock.
  • Disinfect the inside of shoes to ensure that they are fungus free. Shoes are typically dark, warm and moist, the environment in which fungus thrives. Sterilizing shoes is optimal to ensure no recontamination of the treated nails. New Look offers a quick solution to the fungus that may live inside your shoes. The SteriShoe uses ultraviolet light to sterilize each shoe for 45 minutes. This eliminates fungus that lives in the shoe, allowing you to safely wear the shoe without fear of reinfection. Your practitioner at New Look can discuss the SteriShoe with you further at your consultation or laser nail fungus appointment.
  • Antifungal creams and sprays can still be used everywhere but the nails. Using these medications as directed can reduce the likelihood of a second fungal infection. Key active ingredients in such antifungal creams include: butenafine 1%, tolnaftate 1%, tolnaftate 1%, miconazole 2%, or clotrimazole 1%. Also, antifungal sprays like Lamisil or Lotrimin can be useful to keep reinfection at bay.
  • Disinfect all nail tools (i.e. clippers and files). Boiling or bleaching nail products is best to kill any fungal spores that could recontaminate the nails.
  • Wear shoes/sandals where applicable, especially in warm and wet public places such as pools, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.
  • Trim nails short and straight across. Long nails harbor infection and increase the risk of breakage and reinfection or the nail plate and nail bed.

Exilis Skin Tightening & Body Slimming Aftercare

The Exilis treatment does not require any vital aftercare or downtime. There may be some redness or slight swelling in the treatment area, but this typically only lasts for 2-3 hours. Just two things are suggested to increase the efficacy of your treatment:

  • Increase water intake for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Engage in light physical activity to encourage fat cell movement and elimination.

Both Exilis Skin Tightening and Exilis Body Slimming results are best seen after a series of treatments. The professional staff at New Look will guide you through the process to ensure ideal results.